Fall River, MA

Favorite Class to Teach and Why

On Ramp…I love teaching beginners!

Why Invictus Boston?

There are few places where you will find a group as dedicated to their craft as you will here. This is my career and something I take very seriously and Invictus Boston allows me to thrive with it.

Brief “About You” Section

I speak Spanish and Portuguese. Love everything about the summertime. I love to travel and one of my goals is to coach CrossFit in every continent (3 down, 4 to go). Love cooking…love prepping food. All around easy going guy.

When I’m Not Coaching I’m…

Writing or playing video games.

  • CrossFit L1, L2, L3
  • CrossFit Gymnastics / Weightlifting / Endurance / Nutrition certifications
  • CPR/AED certified
  • RKC Certified
Athletic Background
  • College Swimmer
  • CrossFit Regionals athlete
  • Bay States Master Swimming Champion

I met my lovely wife at the gym. What else can I say…